Friday, November 21, 2008

My Megalomania!

To rule the world or not to rule the world; that is the question.

Goal: Rule the world

Method: TBD

Motivation: Just for kicks

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Inform the publica!

Hey Folks! Have you ever seen or heard of the television show "Big Brother"? It's where they put a bunch of random people in a secluded house for 3 months and watch their every move with cameras.

While i was watching this show the other day, i had this totally brilliant idea'r!

You see, one of the biggest frustrations people have during presidential campaigns is that they aren't able to know what kind of person the potential president really is. The only information about the candidates that is available to the American peeps is just the info that's been packaged up and ready to deliver. And when searching the internets for info on how the candidates really are, no useful information can be found.

Sooooooooo, a great way of solving this problem is to require presidential nominees to first enter into a big brother house. (The whole house would be full of people who are vying for the office of president and vice-president.) That way the American publica would be able to log onto the internets and see first hand what the candidates are like in person!
Politician + Big brother house + 100 cameras 24/7 = better informed publica!

Hey, that's a great Idea'r!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ask Uri!

[start of transmission]

Hello Folkth! Uri Miller here. Up until now the questions I've been answering have been asked by imaginary peoples. But i thought to myself, now that i have this blog, i can ask real peoples for their questions.
Super cool idea Uri! ...tis.

So this is your chance ok ok. Make a comment thingy and in it ask me a question. And make it good! because if i think it's good enough, i'll use it in an upcoming video blog. For realz!

So don't pass up the opportunity. Get yer thinkin cap on and come up with a real good question for me. Ask me about anything. (except volcanos!)

ok, this is the end of this post....

...what do i do now?

...i push what?

...which button?


[end of transmission]

Friday, May 30, 2008

First post! tell yer friends!

My First post! Yaaaaayyyyyyy!